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  • The stars were bright, Fernando.ABBA Magic Brazilian Tour.

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    . On the 9th of December after the successful tour to Brazil,the ABBA Magic takes the part in “Thank You For The Music” Xmas Show at IndigO2.We hope that the sparkle from a hot Brazilian land will light up the Christmas Star of the party.

  • David Beckham Look-a-Like!

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    Seeing is believing when you meet Andy, he is so close to David Beckham not only in looks but also height it really takes you back. Not only can he fool the general public with his looks as the England Captain, he also does it with his amazing football tricks. Andy has been working as …

  • Ricky Gervais Look-a-like!

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    Tim is a Ricky Gervais look a like, he has been on Britains Got Talent as a part of the Chippendoubles! Ricky Gervais Lookalike!   Tim is fantastic as the wacky TV star with his now famous dance and one liner’s and has appeared at numerous events, promotions, parties and exhibitions.